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Braids are such a staple in hairstyling. From elegantly simple to brazenly chic, come to Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends for a long lasting style. Add length and richness to your hair, protect it, and show it off with a braided style! The following are just a few examples of what I can do, so make sure to call for a consultation if you have any questions at all about braiding services.

These services include, but are not limited to:

Cornrows - This classic can be done in many ways. They can be combined with other types of braids, be incorporated into your natural hair style, or serve as a base for many protective hair styles. For the best looks in this popular style, you must come to Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends.

Tree Braids, Micro Braids & Invisible Braids - I do fast, painless, beautiful braids! Whether you are keeping up with trends, finding your personal favorite, or just wanting to make sure you have the best braids in Aurora, this is the salon to visit.

French Braids - Variations on this classic are elegant and great for events, occasions, and everyday wear. It’s a great style in summer for keeping you cool.

Kinky Twists - A very popular style year round! These make a great, moveable style that flatters all face shapes.

Single Braids - Single braids are very hot right now. They look simple enough, but once you’ve had your braids done by me, you will agree that it takes a talented professional to create beautiful, long lasting braids, not too tight and yet able to stay braided for longer periods of time.

Twists - Low maintenance and protective of your hair, twists give you plenty of options for daily wear. They add beauty and elegance to your updo, spice up your ponytail, and can be worn long or short.

One great aspect of many braided styles is longevity. I can show you how to properly maintain and care for your style to keep it as fresh as long as possible. Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends can be your hair mecca in Aurora, CO, with friendly professional service, product lines, and creative styling. I carry conditioners, treatments, oils, and many other products to keep your new hairstyle fresh and healthy. Drop in today!

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