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Dreadlocks | Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends - Aurora, CO

Dreadlocks can be truly beautiful and natural looking, when done correctly. At Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends, I can help you achieve happy, healthy dreadlocks. Especially compared to other styles, dreadlocks are pretty permanent—you want to feel confident that your salon is giving you the best style available.

I know how to create a look that takes advantage of your natural hair type and makes you look your best. With my help, your beautiful head of dreadlocks will be turning heads in Aurora and beyond. With the tips, tools, and treatments you get from Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends, you will be confident that this is the best salon in Aurora.

Of all the competing methods for creating dreadlocks, I know which are best for different hair types. Your hair type determines what works best, but hair types are incredibly nuanced and tricky to work with. Don’t risk subpar dreadlocks anywhere else! I know hair better than anyone.

Men and women who have had dreadlocks done at my salon enthusiastically recommend it to everyone. I know that I’m doing a great job when my regulars in Aurora, CO are bringing friends and family in.

Rest easy knowing that you are getting the best treatment for your hair at Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends.

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