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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions | Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends - Aurora, CO

One of the most fun features of braiding hair is adding hair extensions. Their versatility allows you to create a totally unique image. If you want to recreate your favorite style, come to me for a truly beautiful hairdo! If you want to find the best look for you, I will help you create a look that speaks to your unique style.

What I Can Do Is:

Add Some Color - With the right extensions you can add beautiful depth to your hair. On their own, or paired with my coloring services, the color of hair extensions can work with your skin’s undertones to bring out your best features. Even fashionistas and makeup gurus gush about how much the right hair extensions can amplify their beauty routines.

Length - Extensions are a lifesaver for people whose hair takes forever to grow. Especially during the process of allowing natural hair to grow out, which can be a long, arduous process. It doesn’t have to be that way, however! Even if you love your short hair, hair extensions are a fun change. For weddings, proms, parties, and photoshoots, I can help you add a feminine flair.

Often, hair needs a break from being exposed to the dry air. Braiding your hair in protective styles can prevent dryness, frizz, and other follicular frustrations. Hair extensions allow you to protect and enhance simultaneously! I’m also an expert in applying weaves that are painless, natural looking, and long lasting.

Here at Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends, hair extensions offer so many options. Consistently surprise and impress your friends by changing between the best styles, or find your signature look. You’ll stand out in Aurora, CO for having the best hair. Just give me a call today!

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