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Braids are such a staple in hairstyling. From elegantly simple to brazenly chic, come to Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends for a long lasting...

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Dreadlocks can be truly beautiful and natural looking, when done correctly. At Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends, I can help you achieve...

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Hair Extensions

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One of the most fun features of braiding hair is adding hair extensions. Their versatility allows you to create a totally unique image. If you want...

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Welcome to Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends

I am confident enough to say that you won’t find a better salon in Aurora, CO than Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends. In fact, my clients come from all over, knowing that they can consistently expect the best hair services from me.

Some things just warrant a certain expertise. Your hair is physically an extension of yourself—so why would you subject it to guesswork? Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends has been in business for over ten years, meaning I have seen it all! Whether you’re just starting to get to know your hair, or if you’ve always been known for having good hair, I am the braiding specialist that you will love coming back to.

From general care to specialized styling, I can address your needs best. There is nothing more beautiful than hair reaching its full potential! Say goodbye to dead ends, dryness, and unmanageability. Prepare yourself for the oohing and aahing my regulars have gotten used to, once you leave my salon with the most amazing hair you’ve ever had.

My clients always leave happy and love coming back. I style all kinds of people, from bankers and Broncos, to nieces and nephews. Building longterm relationships with clientele is the one of the best aspects of my profession.

My salon is built for your needs. I can get you ready for a glamorous wedding, keep you looking sharp for your job, and give you a low maintenance style for daily life. Leave the work up to me!

For me, hair is more than just a job to make money. Nothing is more satisfying than a happy client. If you need braiding, dyeing, treatments, hair extensions, weaves, or anything else, relax knowing that your hair is in the best hands.

We accept all major credit cards.

We carry beauty products, and I supply hair.

If you have any questions about my services, call Deyamon Braids & Natural Trends for a consultation today!

We accept all major credit cards
We accept all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard
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